Volunteer Work galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands

24 Mar , 2015  

You will have the opportunity to work with local people, learn about organic farming and preserve part of the native plants of San Cristobal Island. A lot of introduce plants and animals have replaced the native species and endanger and eradicate the survival of several Galapagos flora and fauna, unique in the world. The Volunteer in Galapagos Islands conservation program is located 10km from the Port in San Cristobal and they focused on restoring the habitats of the Galapagos Islands.

Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands

Our project Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands is a farm owned by a local farmer that wants to conserve the natural habitat and supported by the National Park working together to fulfil the promise of restoring it. Volunteering in this program you will grow and have a better understanding of the importance to restoring and conserving this Galapagos Island, as a volunteer your tasks include removing the introduced and invasive plant species for example blackberry, restoring native and endemic plant species, improving the trails and paths around the farm, nurturing native plants in the nursery and moving them to permanent locations, cutting and sowing plants used as food for the giant tortoises living around the farm, establishing and harvesting these plants to feed the tortoises, cleaning the volunteer accommodation. In conclusion you will chop, dig and become a professional with a machete. Sometimes there are extra activities and festivities. There is no typical day, the activities depend on the season and the particular needs of the community and the farm at that time.

Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands

Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and 12 weeks maximum. At the end of your volunteering commitment, you will receive a certificate.

Cost: US$ 210 per week.

The cost includes: Pick up airport in Quito, transfer from the Galapagos airport to the project,accommodation and three meals per day from Monday to Friday. Meals are not included on the weekends but you can stay and prepare your food on the weekends. First free night (bed & breakfast) with a host family in Quito, transfer from host family to the airport in Quito when you go to the project.


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