Volunteer work in the Amazon

About Volunteering in Ecuador

We offer volunteers real immersion in the various Ecuadorian ecosystems, and real opportunities for learning and sharing Ecuadorian cultures, customs and traditions, all the while helping different projects promote their development and changing lives through a better place to live. Know more About Volunteering in Ecuador

There are boring, empty experiences and interesting ones; Eco Volunteer UP in Ecuador gives you the opportunity to have the best experience and change your life, to bring you a new way of looking at the world. Furthermore, we will guide and introduce you in this experience. And once you know Ecuadorian people, Ecuador landscape and biodiversity, you want to stay longer and return to Ecuador.

About Volunteering in Ecuador

Our efforts focus on the development About Volunteering in Ecuadorlocal programs, and to support the relationship between volunteers and the Ecuador communities. We want to help, to integrate, and to want you to discover our incredible land. Being a Volunteer in Ecuador – Latin America means finding different and new cultures and way of life, and remarkable ecological biomes; Ecuador is used to be considered as an ecological crossroad for these biomes. Here in Ecuador you can find large rainforest biomes, but also tropical dry broadleaf forests, mangroves, the Andes – highlands and the Galapagos Islands a spot of high and value biodiversity. We want to HELP. Helping the volunteers arriving, adapting and showing all the Ecuadorian life that can give to you. And helping communities that really need to develop their project, making happy to all children unfortunate and conserving the Ecuador forest. In fact, our vision is connecting people, you and them. And connecting you with the Ecuadorian forests we all must conserve.

About Volunteering in Ecuador

We know that a person that want to volunteer in Ecuador – South America has a lot of questions and doubts. That is why we encourage you to navigate around our web, to find all the information you need. Of course, feel free to contact us for more information, and ask us anything you want to know. WE ALSO HAVE A F.A.Q CLICK HERE.

Our Mission

Eco Volunteer UP main mission is to develop a program offering to social, educational and environmental volunteer work and an opportunity of taking part in a cultural exchange in Ecuador, improving and helping the lives of others, especially those most in need. Volunteer in Ecuador with us is a first step toward taking the chance to experience the culture, way of life and real problems of people by getting in direct contact with the population and the environment. Your help will be very much appreciated.

We are a network of different projects throughout Ecuador and volunteers from around the world. Make a difference and give something back while experiencing a new region at a lower cost, then you have found the right program. Your experience will be unforgettable. You can use this time to do something valuable that will have a positive impact on society or the environment.

Our Vision

To serve the volunteers, and at the same time help others and show volunteers the Ecuadorian life. In Ecuador our volunteer programs are dedicated to the benefit of others. The programs are always needed and your help will be very rewarding.

Whether you love nature, or children or the elderly, your volunteer experience will be meaningful and powerful and you will have the opportunity to explore either of these unique areas.

Our volunteers are very important to us and we are in contact with them by email or by phone prior to their arrival. We will meet you at the airport and give you an orientation and a place to stay with a host family, you will not have to look for a hotel room or a hostel. We will also transfer you to the bus station or airport and when you arrive at your final destination we will make sure that someone meets you and takes you to the project.

Main Objectives

— To inspire everyone to become involved and make the best contribution they can through volunteering in Ecuador.
— To keep supporting local projects in developing skills to make volunteering a fulfilling and rewarding experience for both the projects and the volunteers.
— To provide volunteers an opportunity to help children, communities and to conserve the Ecuadorian forest.

Eco Volunteer UP in Ecuador is a great volunteer program to see a place of your dreams, deepen your connection to the land, experience a vastly different culture, and promote sustainability and the well-being of those less fortunate than you. Personally, we think we have so much to learn about other cultures, and we must promote assistance between humans, rather than consumption and greed. Our lives should be filled with experiences that help grow our souls, and allow us to become better people along the way. You will love working with and helping people. If you are also a firm believer that people working together and community living is what will save our planet, this program is a perfect fit for you.